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ABC to XTC: The Best Of Synth, Post-Punk, New Wave And Much More

John Connolly mounts a one-man campaign to convince the doubters that there is much to be cherished in the music of 1977-1989. From The Ramones to A Flock of Seagulls, and from Talk Talk to The Stranglers, not to mention the titular ABC and XTC, he plays a personal selection of his favourite tracks from those years; follows the careers of artists such as Kate Bush, The Cure, and Depeche Mode, who were products of that era and continue to produce new music; and picks up on modern artists such as Fever Ray and Ladytron who wear the influence of that earlier period on their sleeves. The only rule: there are no guilty pleasures. This is all just good music.

Well, most of it . . .

To listen, download the RTÉ Player application to your mobile device and choose "2XM," or listen through the RTÉ2XM website.

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Sunday @ 13.00 GMT

(8 AM EST... 7 AM CST... 6 AM MST... 5 AM PST)

You choose "2XM," search for "ABC to XTC," and it gives you a selection of recent shows to choose from!

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