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The Black Angel

The Black Angel

A young woman goes missing from the streets of New York. Those who have taken her believe that nobody cares about her, and no one will come looking for her. They are wrong. She is 'blood' to the killer Louis, the man who stands at the right hand of private detective Charlie Parker, and Louis will tear apart anyone who stands in the way of his efforts to find her.

But as Louis's violent search progresses, Parker comes to realize that the disappearance is part of an older mystery, one that is linked to an ornate church of bones in Eastern Europe; to the slaughter at a French monastery in 1944; and to the quest for a mythical prize that has been sought for centuries by evil men: the Black Angel.

Yet the Black Angel is more than a myth. It is conscious. It dreams. It is alive.

And men are not the only creatures that seek it. . .

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The Sedlec Ossuary at Kutna Hora, in the Czech Republic, plays a central role in The Black Angel. John visited Sedlec in 2004 with BBC filmmaker Lawrence Jackson to shoot this video introduction.

The Black Angel


"Connolly spins this tale so intricately that once you are drawn in you will not get out till you finish the book, and there's a damn good chance you'll do that in one sitting."
   —Crimespree Magazine

"John Connolly takes a tale and forges a story, layering history and imagination so tightly that sometimes it's hard to know where one leaves off and the other begins...Connolly takes the ultimate manifestation of evil and gives it a cause, a name and a face."
   —J.T. Ellison

"If you like your plot so dense that it sometimes blurs, your conspiracies Byzantine, diabolical, and mystical, and your violence extreme, you'll love this book."
   —Suzy Charnas

" enjoyable, contemplative read with the adrenalin rush of a thriller combined with the depth and lyricism of a 'literary' novel."
   —CJ Lyons

"...a fast paced thriller that you have no idea where the next chapter is going to take you."
   —Books N Bytes

Atria Books, US & Canada hardcover, May 2005, ISBN: 9780743487863
Pocket Books, US & Canada paperback, January 2006, ISBN: 9780743487870
Hodder & Stoughton, UK, Ireland, Australia, etc. hardcover, April 2005, ISBN: 9780340837658
Hodder & Stoughton, UK, Ireland, Australia, etc. paperback, February 2010, ISBN: 9781444704723