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A Game of Ghosts

A Game of Ghosts
A Game of Ghosts

Now available

It is deep winter. The darkness is unending.

The private detective named Jaycob Eklund has vanished, and Charlie Parker is dispatched to track him down. Parker's employer, Edgar Ross, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has his own reasons for wanting Eklund found.

Eklund is no ordinary investigator. He is obsessively tracking a series of homicides and disappearances, each linked to reports of hauntings. Now Parker will be drawn into Eklund's world, a realm in which the monstrous Mother rules a crumbling criminal empire, in which men strike bargains with angels, and in which the innocent and guilty alike are pawns in a game of ghosts . . .

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"Connolly creates complicated plots that never unravel. He's just that good."
   —Kirkus Reviews (read the full review)

"Few authors mix horror and crime as skillfully as John Connolly . . . A Game of Ghosts is a solid thriller: well paced, suspenseful, frequently funny and often genuinely surprising."
   —Portland Press-Herald (read the full review)

"[A]n absorbing tale of sin, punishment, atonement and redemption . . . Connolly lures us yet again into those shadows where he has created, as all great storytellers do, a world that is uniquely his own."
   —The Irish Times (read the full review)

"Connolly smoothly integrates moments of humor into the terrifying plot of his fine 15th supernatural thriller."
   —Publishers Weekly (read thefull review)

"[A]nother superb episode in a peerless series which has been given incredible depth by the author's imagination and boldness, and I cannot recommend it highly enough."
   —Material Witness (read the full review)

"Another chapter in the life of Charlie Parker and another fascinating read from the pen of the great John Connolly. Here is an author that seems to be totally in control of his writing and at the top of his game."
   —Shots Magazine (read the full review)

"[Q]uite possibly his best-ever work in an already illustrious career."
   —Authorlink (read the full review)

Atria Books, US & Canada hardcover, July 2017, ISBN: 9781501171895
Hodder & Stoughton, UK, Ireland, Australia, etc. hardcover, April 2017, ISBN: 9781473641860