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MARCH 2016

Dear Folks,

It's me again, your Beloved Literary Figure™. Yes, I am indeed well, thank you for asking. I am beloved, and literary, and a figure—sometimes all at once. Life is good. And I do like these occasional conversations that we have, mainly because they're not really conversations at all. I tell you things, and then I can't hear you disagree. If we were married, I'd consider it to be just about the perfect relationship.

Now we have much to deal with, so I'd ask you to stop whatever else you're doing and concentrate. You'll be sorry if you don't—mark my words.


Surprise! DOMINION, the third volume of The Chronicles of the Invaders by myself and my partner, Jennifer Ridyard, goes on sale in the United States on April 5. My US publishers decided to bump this date up from May, so those of you waiting for the thrilling conclusion of the adventures of Syl, Paul, Ani and their companions will get an early treat. Jennie and I will not be touring the US for this book, but first editions with bookplates signed by both of us will be available from Mysterious Galaxy, Kelly's Books to Go, Murder by the Book, Book Carnival and The Toadstool Bookshop.

Dominion  Dominion bookplate

A Time of Torment
Deep Woods

It's that time of year again when, in return for your hard-earned currency, I promise to provide you with a limited amount of entertainment. (This does not constitute a guarantee.) As usual, I remind you to hasten to your local literary emporium at the first opportunity to purchase your copy of A TIME OF TORMENT. No hanging about, now. You wouldn't want to disappoint me by waiting until Christmas or something, would you? I have mouths to feed, damn it...

A TIME OF TORMENT should be in Irish bookstores before the official Dublin launch of March 29. The on-sale date in the UK is April 7, and that should also be true for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The US publication date is August 2. Tour information follows, but you can also order a signed first edition with CD (keep reading) from Waterstones, here.


As is my occasional habit, I've put together a compilation CD, entitled THE DEEP WOODS, to go with A TIME OF TORMENT. The CD includes tracks from 8:58, Low, Mark Kozelek, Damon & Naomi with Ghost, 13 & God, Nancy Elizabeth, This Mortal Coil, Reservoir and Susanne Sundfør. To be sure of a copy, you can order a signed edition of A TIME OF TORMENT from The Gutter Bookshop, Dublin; Alan Hanna's Bookshop; No Alibis in Belfast; and Goldsboro Books in London.

Most Dublin bookstores (Eason, Dubray, etc.) will have copies of THE DEEP WOODS with early copies of the book, and I'll be handing out the CD at events in Dublin, Cork, and Belfast. I'll be giving it away with copies of the new book at events in the UK, and the CD is bound into specially signed early editions that will be on sale at many Waterstones, as well as online.

For US readers, we will arrange to get copies of the CD to independent mystery stores, who will also have access to a limited number of signed US copies. We'll print a list of those stores nearer to the US publication date.


Because I share my name with a railway station—hey, don't mock just because you don't have a major transport hub advertising your bloodline—my publishers have decided to take over Connolly Station in Dublin on Monday, April 4th. If you're passing through, you'll see all sorts of advertising and video clips relating to your BLF™, but you'll also find publishing elves handing out free snazzy A TIME OF TORMENT travel pass holders, which will, in time, become collector's items, family heirlooms and, well, travel pass holders. To cap what I like to think of as Me Day, I'll be at the Eason store in Connolly Station from about 5:00 pm (don't mind what the official memo below says) to sign books, say hello, mind your baggage, direct you to your train, and clip your ticket. By the way, "clip your ticket" is not a euphemism. I'll just clip your ticket, and that's all. You can't be too careful about these things...

Connolly At Connolly


The complete tour schedule for A TIME OF TORMENT is here, with dates and times for events in 17 cities in Great Britain and Ireland. Do look at them carefully, as there have been some changes. Please note that I won't be able to hang around for long after any of these events. Maybe it's just age, but aside from not really being able for 12-hour days ending in alcohol every evening, I also prefer now to arrive at the next day's location the night before, and get some work done in the morning. The old age bus has a seat for everyone, and if you're not quite ready for it when it arrives, it'll take a turn around the block before returning...

Also, as some of you may know, I am a bit of a Liverpool fan (now, now—keep it clean...) and the Europa League quarter final games against Borussia Dortmund coincide with the events in Belfast and Letchworth. As I'm aware that others may want to catch the games as well, the Belfast event will now start at 6pm. Letchworth begins later as I'll be dashing from an appointment with the BBC just to get to it, but we'll all try to be out in time to catch the second half...

Before the UK tour, I will be in Lyon, France for the Quais du Polar, with two appearances and a number of signings (check the festival website for details):

Saturday, April 2 at 11:00 a.m.
"Post-War: When the Veteran Returns to His Repelled Country," a panel discussion with Jon Bassoff, Craig Johnson, Hervé Le Corre, and Antonin Varrere, moderated by Francoise Monnet

Sunday, April 3 at 10:00 a.m.
"Black Magic: Legends, Rites, and Beliefs in Crime Fiction," a panel discussion with Kangni Alem, Richard Hoskins, Alexis Ragougneau, and Dolores Redondo, moderated by Élise Lépine

We've added a full-scale event in Liverpool to the tour on Saturday, April 16. After the drop-in signing at Waterstones Liverpool One at noon, I'll be participating in an afternoon of crime fiction at the Bluecoat Centre for contemporary arts in Liverpool. Details are still being finalized, but it'll begin at 1:00 pm with a chat from me, followed by panel discussions in which I'll be taking part. I haven't done anything formal in Liverpool for a while, and this is a really nice way to make up for it. If you're about, drop in and join us, even if it's just for an hour or so. If you support it, then it may become a regular event!

I will also be part of an Irish delegation at the Zagreb Book Festival, May 18-24, with details to be confirmed.

Should you miss me in Dublin on the 29th or April 4th, mark your calendar for Saturday, June 18th, when Declan Hughes and I will be part of the Zurich Dalkey Book Festival—time to be confirmed, but it'll be well before the Euro 2016 football match kicks off!

Saturday, June 18 (time TBD)
Declan Hughes and John Connolly Present: A Reader's Guide to Humour
"Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested. And the frog dies of it."—E.B. White
Do you find that you have too little laughter in your life? Is mirth at a premium? Then let these two experts in all that is rib-tickling and side-splitting come to your aid as they direct you toward the wry and the witty in literature. Warning: may contain dead frogs.

I'll be touring in South Africa in July/August, and we'll post details of those events as they're confirmed.


The big event in August is the Dublin Ghost Story Festival, organized by the Swan River Press and featuring an M.R. James play, Adam Nevill as guest of honor, and myself as master of ceremonies. Tickets should go on sale very soon, with details available through the Festival website.

Dublin Ghost Story Festival


I've written the introduction to UNCERTAINTIES: TWENTY-TWO STRANGE TALES, an anthology of new uncanny fiction from Ireland, the UK, and the US, edited by Brian J. Showers, to be published by Liberties Press on April 20th. Further details are available here.


I know that I've been promising details of a special project for the last two newsletters, and it really is close to completion—honest! It just involved so many elements that it has taken a little longer to put together than anticipated. Anyway, a missive will appear at the end of April containing all that you need to know. For now, though, how does PARKER: A MISCELLANY sound?

With that, I, your BLF™, bid you adieu. I hope to see some of you over the coming weeks and months, although I remind you not to look me in the eye, and no touching.

Best wishes,


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