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Dear Folks,

I write to you with the lingering taste of cider vinegar and apple juice in my mouth—which sounds like a metaphor, but isn't. My redoubtable trainer, young Gary, recommended vinegar laced with honey, and cut with apple juice, as a cleanser, a weight loss aid, and, quite possibly, a source of general amusement for himself. It's that time of year, after all, when the middle-aged mind turns to health, better-fitting pants, and the possibility —nay, inevitability—of mortality.

Mind you, Gary also thinks I should stop drinking wine, but since the only way I can get a book finished is by bribing myself with the occasional sneaky glass of the Devil's mouthwash, such a rash notion represents a threat to my livelihood, and your reading pleasure. Therefore, for your sake if not for my own, I shall continue to drink wine.

And you shall continue to pay for it.

Right, let's get on with it, shall we?

Dominion February 25, 2016—DOMINION DAY (except in New Zealand, where it means something different)

DOMINION, the third volume of The Chronicles of the Invaders, is on sale today in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. DOMINION concludes the story that began with CONQUEST and continued with EMPIRE, bringing the Earth-born lllyri Syl Hellais and her human partner, Paul Kerr, into a final confrontation with The Others, a mysterious race that has made a deadly bargain with the Illyrian conquerors of Earth.

DOMINION, like the earlier volumes of The Chronicles, is a collaboration between myself and my partner, Jennifer Ridyard—and if you are a collector of signed books, you will want books signed by both of us, won't you? You can order those double-signed copies from our usual "home stores":

The Gutter Bookshop
Cow's Lane
Temple Bar
Dublin 8

Alan Hanna's Bookshop
270 Rathmines Road Lr.
Dublin 6

No Alibis
83 Botanic Avenue
Belfast BT7 1JL
Northern Ireland

Goldsboro Books
23-27 Cecil Court
London WC2N 4EZ
+44 (0) 207 497 9230

If you're looking for double-signed copies of the earlier books, these are the only stores where you'll find them, so this is your chance to pick up the set.

The American edition of DOMINION, which has a different but equally striking cover, goes on sale in the US and Canada on May 17. We're not planning any US events for DOMINION, and are still trying to figure out the best way to make signed copies available on that side of the Atlantic. Stay tuned.

A Time of Torment A TIME OF TORMENT

April 7 is the publication date for the next Charlie Parker novel, A TIME OF TORMENT, in the UK and Ireland. As usual, Irish readers may see the book in stores a few days before April 7, possibly as early as the end of March. American readers will get it on August 2.

Parker's practice has changed somewhat after the events of A SONG OF SHADOWS, but he's still drawn to cases that offer a chance to redress some injustice. Jerome Burnel, just out on parole, asks Parker to investigate the crime that sent him to prison. While Parker's deciding whether to take the case, Burnel disappears. Parker goes looking for answers, and finds them in a small town in West Virginia that's been minding its own business a little too long. We've updated the website to give you a first look at the beginning of the book; some familiar faces return.

The book is available for pre-order, and I will be making bookstore appearances in the UK. We're still finalizing tour details—but once again, the fine folks at Waterstones will be selling a signed edition that comes with a CD. The CD, The Deep Woods, includes tracks from Mark Kozelek, Low, Susanne Sundfør, This Mortal Coil, and more.

Upcoming Events

Look for information about UK and Ireland events for A TIME OF TORMENT in about three weeks. We'll post the information to the website, announce it on the Facebook page and Twitter, and send a quick update to let you know when the schedule's up. I do, however, have some information about other appearances later this year:

April 1-3
Lyon, France
Quais du Polar
The schedule hasn't yet been published, but I'll be a guest at this year's Quais du Polar, the 12th annual celebration of crime fiction in Lyon, France. Look for program details in early March.

Late July
Johannesburg, South Africa
Bloody Book Week
Again, this is a program still in the works, but I've promised to be part of this year's event.

August 19-21
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Ghost Story Festival
Brian J. Showers of Swan River Press is launching this first event to celebrate Ireland's tradition of ghost stories. Adam Nevill is the guest of honor, I appear to be serving as master of ceremonies, and Robert Lloyd Parry will perform some of M.R. James's classic ghost stories. It's also an opportunity to see Dublin's remarkable Freemasons' Hall. Further guests will be announced over the coming months, but it'll be fun. That, at least, I can pretty much guarantee.

In Translation

A SONG OF SHADOWS is now available in French, as Le chant des dunes, with a rather splendid cover.

Song of Shadows-French

The Spanish-language edition of EMPIRE will be available in May, and the translated A SONG OF SHADOWS will be published later this year.

TimeCrime continues to bring the earlier Charlie Parker titles back into print in Italian, with the recent re-publication of Il Ciclo Delle Stagioni (DARK HOLLOW) and Gente Che Uccide (THE KILLING KIND). I'm also happy to announce that RCS Libri will be publishing Italian translations of the Samuel Johnson novels.

Dark Hollow-Italian Book

Louis and Angel continue their quest for world domination with this stunning Russian edition of THE REAPERS.

The Reapers–Russian

And last but not least, I'm delighted that THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS continues to make its way around the world, with new editions in Taiwan and Japan.

The Book of Lost Things-Taiwanese The Book of Lost Things-Japanese
Taiwan Japan

More to Come . . .

I don't want to spam you, but I will have more news next month—about the UK tour, and also about a special project I've been working on for longtime readers. Sorry, I know I said I'd tell you about this last month, but as the great 20th century philosopher Steven Patrick Morrissey once said, these things take time.

So, with a fond farewell, I shall now endeavor to rid myself of the lingering taste of cider vinegar. Maybe if I just left out the vinegar part, and kept the cider? I mean, cider has got to count for at least one of my five a day.

If I drink enough of it.

Best wishes,


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