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November 2016

The Book of Lost Things
Dear Folks,

As Christmas approaches, December will see many writers pleading penury and the like, encouraging you to purchase their work as gifts for yourself and others in order to plump up the old authorial finances. Such crude advances are not for us, although a November newsletter could be seen as a way of helping you to make an early start (hey, a bit like Samuel Johnson in The Gates, available from all good booksellers), or assisting you in your gift searches (a bit like the ongoing search in which Charlie Parker is engaged in my long-running series of novels, or the one on which David embarks in The Book of Lost Things, available from all good booksellers), or just reminding you to look to the future (a bit like the future explored in The Chronicles of the Invaders, available from all good booksellers) without fear (a bit like the fear explored in Nocturnes and Night Music, available from all good booksellers).

Just saying, is all.


This much, at least, is true: people do like to receive a signed book at Christmas, and it's also a way of supporting bookstores and booksellers, for whom Christmas purchases are immensely helpful in ensuring that they remain in business. Look, you don't need any more cellphone stores on your high streets, and when bookstores close they tend to be gone for good.

At the risk of boasting, I'll say I've done my part this year. If you'd like a full-length hardcover book, you have your choice of three novels (the 10th anniversary edition of The Book of Lost Things, A Time of Torment, and Dominion, with the radiant Jennifer Ridyard) and a collection of non-fiction (Parker: A Miscellany). If you'd prefer a short story, you can find stories by me in two hardcover collections (Echoes of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger, and Trouble Is Our Business, of which more anon).

You can find signed copies of these books at one or more of these fine booksellers:
Alan Hanna's Books, Dublin, Ireland
The Gutter Bookshop, Dublin, Ireland
No Alibis Bookstore, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Goldsboro Books, London, United Kingdom

Holiday mailing deadlines are fast approaching. To avoid disappointment, if you need a book shipped abroad, we urge you in the strongest possible terms to place your order sooner rather than later. That's particularly important if you'd like a dedication, which I can easily do at Gutter and Hanna's.

Parker: A Miscellany Final posting days from Ireland for Christmas are as follows:

Ireland: December 21st
UK: December 19th
Europe: December 13th
USA and Rest of the World: December 9th

The bookstores, though, will need a little more notice, so deduct a couple of days from each of the above.

While supplies last, you can also still order a set of Parker: A Miscellany (book + CDs) directly from me via ABEBooks. Again, the deadlines above apply to make sure the book arrives in time for Christmas.


If you'd rather get a book signed in person, I'll be at No Alibis Bookstore at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 25th with Declan Burke and a selection of the contributors from Norn Iron to celebrate Trouble Is Our Business, a collection of crime fiction by Irish authors, edited by Mr. Burke and published by New Island Books. My contribution is a story called "The Evenings with Evans," and it's in very good company.

Parker: A Miscellany I'D LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMY . . .

Or actually, the UK's Crime Writers' Association (CWA), which awarded its Short Story Dagger Award to "On the Anatomisation of an Unknown Man (1637) by Frans Mier," which is part of the Night Music: Nocturnes Vol. 2 collection. I'm sorry that I could not be at the ceremony to thank everyone in person, but I'm very grateful and touched by the recognition.

Separately, I'm also grateful to everyone who's cast a vote for A Time of Torment in the Goodreads Choice Awards, where it's a nominee in the finals for Best Horror Novel (don't ask me, I didn't pick the category). Voting remains open until November 27th—so if you're inclined, you can do that here. Thank you! It is, as they say, an honor just to be nominated.


You already have your 2017 calendars, don't you? Please take a moment to circle April 6, which is the UK publication date for A Game of Ghosts, the fifteenth Charlie Parker novel. The book will be available in Ireland before April 6th, and will go on sale in the United States sometime in late July or early August—when I might make a few U.S. tour appearances.

Parker: A Miscellany A Game of Ghosts finds Parker in search of a fellow private detective, Jaycob Eklund, whose disappearance has drawn the attention of FBI Special Agent Edgar Ross. Eklund specializes in homicides and disappearances that are linked to reports of hauntings. Parker's hunt leads him into a world of crime and horror, ruled by the monstrous Mother and policed by things beyond this world. Look for a cover reveal soon on Facebook and Twitter, to be followed by more information and an excerpt on the website.

Spanish readers will be able to buy the translated edition of A Song of Shadows—La canción de las sombras—on January 17th from Tusquets Editores. Argentina will get it in February, and Mexico will have it in March.


Finally, I shall be one of the participants at the Sunday Miscellany Live at Christmas concert to be recorded at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on December 6th. The event is a combination of words and music, and should set you up nicely for the season. Further details are available here, and the concert will be broadcast in two parts on RTÉ Radio 1 on December 18th and Christmas Day at 9:00 a.m. Dublin time.

With that, little remains but for me to wish you all a merry and bright holiday season. December 25th falls on a Sunday this year, which means that Santa is bringing you all a special Christmas edition of ABC to XTC, my weekly radio show that celebrates the punk, post-punk and electronic music of the 1980s. ABC to XTC streams online at RTÉ 2XM every Sunday at 1:00 pm Dublin time, and you can listen back to four weeks' worth of shows online or via the RTÉ mobile app.

Thanks, one and all, for your support and hospitality this year.

Best wishes,


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