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Special NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes 2 Bulletin—Dublin Schedule Change!

Night Music Dear Folks,

Sorry to trouble you, but today, on the Irish/UK publication date of NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes 2, I have important news for Dublin readers (and some that may be of interest to others elsewhere). The welcome success of the Irish team in the Rugby World Cup—long may it continue, from my mouth to God's ears, etc.—means that the time of the Dublin signing on Sunday, October 18th at Dubray Books will have to be delayed slightly. It will now take place at 4:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m., to give people time to get into Dubray, Grafton Street. If you can't make it due to reasons of joy/sadness, Dubray will take an order for you and hold it at the store until you've recovered yourself.

For any Americans who may be unfamiliar with rugby, it's like American football without all the namby-pamby, Little-Johnny-Bruises-Easily, "Does mummy know you're out?" protective clothing. I hope that helps.

One Last US Appearance

New Englanders have one last chance to get your copies of A SONG OF SHADOWS and NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes 2 signed, with its companion CD and/or packet of art postcards. That final event will be tomorrow night, Friday, October 16, at 6:00 p.m. at Longfellow Books in Portland, ME. Longfellow will take your order for an inscribed book and ship it anywhere in the world, as will the other stores I visited on my very short U.S. tour.

The NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes Volume 2 Limited Edition

David Torrans of Belfast's No Alibis Bookstore has published a beautiful limited edition of NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes 2, with woodcuts by Anne Anderson. These volumes are available directly from the store for £125.00 plus shipping. Only 125 copies have been printed, and they'll go very fast. If you want one, send an email to or call the store at 44 (0) 28 9031 9601. No Alibis ships worldwide, or you can pick up your copy at my October 22 event with Brian McGilloway.

The U.K. Tour for NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes Volume 2

The U.K. tour for NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes 2 will run from October 22nd to November 2nd, and take in Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln, Leeds, York, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Edinburgh, Glasgow (two stops!), London (two formal events!), and Liverpool. Look for updates and reminders on the Facebook page and my Twitter feed, and I will hope to see many of you along the way.

Shoulder to shoulder,


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