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Well, my friends, the time has come around again. I have children to educate, dogs to feed, and a wine fund to keep in the black. I have amused you, entertained you, expressed fond wishes for weddings, communions, and bar mitzvahs, offered my condolences for people who may not even be dead yet, and, all things considered, behaved like a solid and upstanding member of the literary community. But now it's payback time. Man does not live by bread alone, and your good thoughts will not keep the wolf from the door.

The Wolf in Winter On that note...

THE WOLF IN WINTER arrived in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada on Tuesday, October 28, and I'll arrive in person on November 4 to begin a three-week tour of the U.S., followed by events in December in Mexico. Details of the tour are here, and you can order signed copies of WOLF with its companion CD, "Ghosts," from any of these stores.

Individual stores set their own rules for signings, and as long as the store agrees, I'm generally happy to sign anything you bring along from your own collection. Please be respectful, though—these events are free because the stores count on your business. I'm also apologizing in advance: this year's travel schedule is even more grueling than usual, and on many stops I won't be able to hang out after the event the way I usually do. Sorry about that! (My doctor has also advised me that I only have one liver—who knew?—and it's currently looking a bit peakèd.) Twitter and Facebook will be the best sources of information about last-minute changes, cancellations, additions, etc.


To celebrate the US release of THE WOLF IN WINTER we've added two additional tracks to the Ghosts CD, just for you nice North Americans as a thank you for being so patient. The tracks come from the excellent (Smog) and the intriguing Icelandic band múm. You see, we give and we give, and just when you think we can't possibly give any more...

The second in the Chronicles of the Invaders, EMPIRE, will be in stores in Ireland and the U.K. on January 1, 2015, and in the U.S. and Canada on February 24, 2015. EMPIRE continues the stories of Syl Hellais, first of the Earth-born Illyri, and Paul Kerr, the young human rebel leader, as they fight a common evil from opposite sides of the universe. The Chronicles have their own website, and we'll be posting details about EMPIRE, along with an excerpt, in early November.

Charlie Parker #13: A SONG OF SHADOWS

By popular demand—and because I think I'll have a second NOCTURNES volume of short fiction ready by the end of next year—Hodder, my U.K. publishers, have moved the publication date of the next Charlie Parker novel, A SONG OF SHADOWS, forward to the spring of 2015. Look for the book in April or May; I should have an exact date soon, with U.S. publication details to follow.

Oh, and Hodder are also about to reissue all of the Parker novels—and BAD MEN—in spanking new covers to match THE WOLF IN WINTER. To celebrate this, I've written extensive introductions to each of the books, and we'll post the new designs on the website as soon as they're finalized.

Is that it? I think so. Now, I'm just going to show this email to my emaciated children. You see, my little ones? The nice people are now going to go out and buy my new book, which means no more chimney-sweeping for you. With luck.



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